Over the last 17 months, Agentic Group has grown to become much more than a membership of blockchain (and related) startups. We have come into our own as a global decentralized platform for innovation, bridging the gap between the Internet of the 20th century and the decentralized world of the 21st.

Our network now has nodes on 5 continents and members and advisors in the US, Canada, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, and the UK. We are now the only network of its kind in the world, delivering innovation services through our membership to governments and top corporations worldwide. 

Here's a taste of what's new at Agentic Group this Spring:

New Service:

Startup Insurance: We know that insurance can be expensive, and as developers begin to gather metrics on various Proof-Of-Concept buida round the world, there will come a time, soon, where they will need proper insurance in order to grow. We are working closely with Agentic Group member and InsurTech innovators GLOBAL CYBER CONSULTANTS, to tailor comprehensive insurance plans specifically for our members. If you'd like to speak with them for an assessment of your insurance needs, drop us an email here to request a meeting free-of-charge.

Remember that as a member you can also get serious discounts on PR services through member Wachsman PR and startup legal services through Sullivan & Worcester.


Next month we will announce a dynamic new initiative designed to create new value through our member connections. Stay tuned -- it's big!


Yes... even more new corporate members will on board this Spring, looking to plug into our innovation network. That means you!

There's a lot more on the way, so prepare to turn the "blockchain year of the PoC" into tangible business opportunities. Ultimately, that's what we're here for.


Rik Willard, Founder