Introducing LivelyGig, a new type of Freelance Marketplace


Every year, the trend toward more flexible staffing continues -- building an increasingly robust demand for more contract, outsourced, and on-demand services. Full-time employees of many companies can no longer rely on the social safety net of their employers. More and more, working people need to fend for themselves and rely on their own social networks to find meaningful work.

Thankfully, many talent marketplaces have emerged to fill these needs. In an empirical review of the broad market for on-demand digitally delivered services over the past 5 to 10 years, freelance sites such as UpWork,, 99 Designs, and others have provided opportunities for millions of talented workers and lots of options for clients, while making good businesses for marketplace providers.  The overall market size is expected to grow to $23B by 2021.

According to Ed Eykholt, CEO and Cofounder, LivelyGig, "The early entrants providing these marketplaces don't necessarily have a lock on them.  They take 8% or more, and it is impossible to satisfy everyone as many freelancers are under tremendous price pressure. As a result, highly qualified talent and their clients often choose to work directly with each other in order to avoid the overhead of the platforms. In addition, freelancers worldwide struggle to develop and maintain strong reputations -- people's networks are still an important way to find good matches, especially for highly skilled work".

Acting on his beliefs, Eykholt created LivelyGig Inc., and has set about to create a new type of marketplace for on-demand freelance work delivered online. His platform is being designed to allow any two people to directly connect, from a “smart-work contract” with optional escrow, and settled payments worldwide. 

LivelyGig will leverage a suite of decentralized technologies, including Bitcoin, to deliver a powerful and unique solution to millions of people worldwide. He sees online communities and professional social networks as the basis for referrals which in turn strengthen participants' social safety net.

That said, it turns out that building, scaling, and governing reliable decentralized platforms is very challenging stuff. Bitcoin has been fairly successful considering the high stakes; however, the technology has challenges with scaling (beyond its 7 transactions per second limit), and the Bitcoin community is working feverishly toward a successful model of decentralized governance.

LivelyGig builds on top of Bitcoin for payments and a decentralized platform called SpecialK (breakfast cereal enthusiasts and recreational drugs users take note), which is being supported by Synereo and their decentralized social network. Greg Meredith, the inventor of SpecialK and CTO of Synereo and LivelyGig is intensely collaborating with the Ethereum community on their Casper consensus protocol designed for nodes to agree on the state of the Ethereum blockchain. He is also working on scalability, governance, and other issues.

LivelyGig expects the resulting end-to-end architectural guidance Greg and collaborators produce will be adopted by many projects, providing powerful new tools that enable radical innovation and substantive transformation.  

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